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Principle Naval Architect

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Senior Naval Architect

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Naval Architect / Design Engineer

Jo Butler

Business Manager

Jo Butler (Business Manager)

Having sailed from a young age, Jo understands the industry inside out, and often has experiential insight to offer. She has been part of many successful ventures and now shares her wealth of experience here with the team to keep the company ship shape.


Jo is experienced in:

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One Response

    Hi Jo,
    Seen your post on Sydney Harbour Skippers,
    I’m the captain on MY SAHANA 120 foot Oceanfast
    We have just bought a 30 foot Grady White and are also looking at Survey options would be great to have a chat early next week regarding putting it in Survey.
    The center console is still in the states should arrive in a couple of months, we plan to use it up north in winter for diving and fishing from the main boat.

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